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  The Ark Royal Hotel   Raleigh, North Carolina   Architect:  HA    Program:   Proposal for a 50,000sf (5,000m2) 70-key amenity based boutique hotel located in the heart of Raleigh's warehouse district. The amenities include a restaurant, coffee shop, retail store, and library. Rooftop is used as a flex space, with seasonal beer garden and outdoor cinema.   Client:   Withheld
  3515 Glenwood   Raleigh, North Carolina   Architect:  HA    Program:   Refurbishment of an existing 35,000sf (3,500m2) office building, with an additional 35,000sf (3,500m2) new construction of office space on top of the existing building. The plan sought to create an interior courtyard in the existing building with a new roof garden, also on the existing structure.   Client:   Withheld
  Santa Monica Plaza   Santa Monica, California   Architect:  OMA    Patrick Hobgood, Lead  Designer    Program:   440,000sf (43,700m2) mixed use complex including 120,000sf hotel, 170,000sf of office space geared toward the tech industry, 86,000sf of Live/Work units, 40,000sf of retail space, and a cultural center of 15,000sf.  The project also includes 56,500sf  of exterior public space.   Client:   City Of Santa Monica
  1300 Saint Mary's St.   Raleigh, North Carolina   Architect:  HA    Program:   50,000sf (5,000m2) office renovation of an existing building.  The program called retrofitting 43,000sf of existing office space, a new 10,000sf lobby, and a 4,000sf elevator core.  Exterior facade is re-clad with laminated steel mesh translucent glass panels.   Client:   North State Capitol Developers
  Raleigh Denim   New York, NY   Architect:  OMA  Patrick Hobgood,  Project Architect    Program:   1,000sf (100m2) retail space located in the Soho neighborhood of New York City.  A flexible hanging system was used to create distinct spaces within the existing volume: changing/fitting rooms, parlour room, display area, window/entry, foyer space, and storage.      Client:   Raleigh Denim Workshop
  Benie + Cecil  baby    Raleigh, North Carolina   Architect:  HA    Program:   1,100sf (110m2) retial space located in Cameron Village shopping center, Raleigh’s oldest retail complex. Like a child’s 3D puzzle, all of the display units and platforms are mobile, allowing a range of layouts in this existing retail shell.         Client:   Benie + Cecil
  Trois Restaurant   Atlanta, Georgia   Architect:  HA    Program:   Located in mid-town Atlanta, this 14,400 sf (1440m2) restaurant occupied 3 floors at the base of a highrise tower.  The program included public and private dining rooms and an open kitchen/bar.      Client:   Concentrics Hospitality
  Burroughs Welcome   Raleigh, North Carolina   Architect:  OBA  Kenneth Hobgood, Project Architect   Program:   84,000sf (8,400m2) office and marketing building with parking deck for 300 cars.  5,000sf conference center, graphic and video labs totally 5,000sf, and an 8,000sf office canteen.  Upper levels are primary office and conference spaces.  Lower levels are light controled spaces for the video labs.      Client:   Burroughs Welcome Company