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  Collins House   Raleigh, North Carolina   Architect:  HA    Program:   A 4,000sf (400m2) addition and renovation to an traditional house from the 1970’s.  Upper level includes a 1,200sf living space, kitchen, den, and master bedroom suite.  The lower level is a home studio/office and 3 bedrooms.   Client:   Withheld
  Bugg House   Durham, North Carolina   Architect:  HA    Program:   A 4,500sf (450m2) private residence is located in a heavily wooded, eight acre sight facing a stream to the north. The house is organized as a series of 4 pavilions: living/dining, master bedroom, guest bedrooms (2), and a garage/storage. The pavilions are connected by glass enclosed corridors. The services spaces are expressed as cast in place concrete volumes.   Client:   Withheld
  Paletz-Moi House   Durham, North Carolina   Architect:  HA    Program:   The 4,400sf (440m2) house is set on a steeply sloped site in a heavily wooded area.  The programs included are a 800sf double-height living and dining room, kitchen, a 400sf office for a writer, a 500sf screening room for a film critic, a library, and 3 bedrooms.      Client:   Withheld
  GK House   Chapel Hill, North Carolina   Architect:  HA    Program:   This 3,700sf (370m2) house is located in the historic district of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  Composed of two primary volumes, a glass cube for living and dining  and a rectangular wooden volume with bedrooms, kitchen and informal dining area.          Client:   Withheld
  100 Hermitage   Charlotte, North Carolina   Architect:  HA    Program:   An 650sf addition and 4000sf renovation to an existing home in Meyers Park, a historic neighborhood in Charlotte.  The addition served as the family’s communal space, including a living room, kitchen, informal, and a sitting area.       Client:   Withheld
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